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pic3IDCapp is for Independent Drivers to join a nationwide Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortiums, ether a DOT required drug and alcohol program to meet DOT requirements, or Non DOT drug and alcohol program to meet CPUC and City, County and Corporate Drug testing requirements.

With one payment a driver is enrolled and all program drug and alcohol tests and fees are paid for the year. This includes enrollment test, random drug tests, random alcohol test, post accident tests. No other fees are required until the program renews the following year.

The driver puts into the IDCapp the code number for his contractor or contractors, who will receive drug and alcohol test results. The app contains locations for this driver to take tests, a copy of his program certificate and expiration date of his program, a copy of the most recent drug test.

The driver will be notified by phone as well as by text when he has been selected for random testing. If a test is not negative the driver will be contacted talk to a licensed medical Doctor, Medical Review Officer, to see if he has a legitimate reason to have a the substance in the body such as a doctor prescription. If a driver does not test with notification his contractor will be notified.

Drugs tested for are marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy, opiates, heroine, PCP. Alcohol is prohibited 4 hours bottle to throttle. No alcohol 4 hours prior to work, while at work until the driver leaves the covered job.


  • Certificate Of Drug & Alcohol Program Enrollment
  • Last Drug Test Results
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Collection Sites
  • Contractor To Receive Test Results
  • IDC Drug-Alcohol Program Rules
  • My Contact Info
  • Make A Payment
  • Motor Carrier Definition of Accident
  • Much More…

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